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FOR almost two years and counting, the situation remained unstable in terms of people’s activities. As the whole National Capital Region (NCR) and nearby provinces are now under Alert Level 3, going outside your home is really a serious business. Whether we like it or not, people’s activities are limited, and staying safe from home is the new norm.

More and more are losing their jobs, while others kept their own under a work-from-home set-up. As days go by, even your physical activities were affected due to restrictions and rules on safety and health protocol.

You want to run, but have no idea how to start a program. Biking and walking are two activities that are readily available without time constraints.  You have to know how to start and what are the pros and cons when hitting the roads for your physical regimen.

But things are much easier now. In just click on your tab, fresco. Among the online program, I got the chance to visit In one of its health and fitness tools, I come across very helpful. On this tool, you just simply choose what kind of activities you prepared, enter your age, sex, and some physical information, then you will know readily how many calories you burn once you start your program.

There are other tools like that you can find very interesting.

To members of the hospitality industry who lost their jobs, also offers a collection of culinary-related online games including some rather fun ones like Open Restaurant & Penguin Cafe to help children get an idea of how hard culinary work is  but these games are also quite fun

To help people familiarize themselves with cooking at home and healthy living we recently launched an ingredient conversion tool

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