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Metropoler is a social media-centric news website in the Philippines that covers the intersection of financial, business, media, tech, science, tourism, food, entertainment, art, politics, and culture launched on June 1, 2020.

Metropoler is a social media news blogsite catering to relevant news information and topics sourced from the social media. The management of Metropoler sees to it that news reported and published on the website are factual and relevant. Metropoler is also a blogsite that gives space for blog-related contents contributed by our pool of writers.

Metropoler is divided into these categories: Main News, Lifestyle, Technology, Sports, and Social Media.

Main News delivers current events and breaking or recent happenings.

Lifestyle features pop-culture, travel, food, social happenings, and press events.

Technology features reviews and unboxing of mobile device and gadgets; and relevant technology-related news and events.

Under Sports, we feature sports-related news and topics.

And Social Media features news and information about the online happenings and social media information that includes the safe way of using the internet.

Metropoler is a 24/7 news and social media platform. We work and publish articles as soon as we received them via email or after we attend press conferences and events.

To be a trusted source of blog and news information.

To give the very best and factual blog and news information across all boundaries.

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