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CDC, Clark locators commemorate ‘Global Handwashing Day’

CDC, Clark locators commemorate ‘Global Handwashing Day’

The Clark Development Corporation (CDC), in cooperation with locators inside this Freeport, recently participated in the Global Handwashing Day 2020 held at ‘Mangan Tamu’ food park at the Commercio Central here.

A SAFER COMMUNITY WITH CLEAN HANDS. Clark Development Corporation (CDC) Health and Sanitation Manager Dr. Clemencita Dobles shows the proper way of handwashing. Clark locators witnessed CDC’s second year commemorating the said activity which aims to lessen the transmission of virus and diseases in our community. (CDC-CD Photo)

This is the second year that the state-owned firm conducted the said activity to continue to raise awareness and highlight the importance of handwashing especially during this time of pandemic.

CDC Health and Sanitation Division Head Dr. Clemencita Dobles spearheaded the said activity with the theme “Hand Hygiene for All” which was attended by representatives from some of Clark’s locators.

The representatives who were present during the event are Widus Hotel and Casino, Starbucks, Jollibee, and Burger King among others.

Celebrating the Global Handwashing Day aims to encourage people, on a global scale, to wash their hands thoroughly with soap and water to practice hand hygiene effectively.

The movement also involves posting on social media as well as posting of handwashing posters and fliers in public places to promote the proper way of washing hands.

Through this global advocacy, every individual can make a difference with the use of our hands alone to prevent the spread of virus and diseases in the community.

Last year’s handwashing campaign was “Clean Hands for All” which aims to leave no one behind and be inclusive when addressing handwashing disparities.

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