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Zack Snyder’s Justice League: Justice is Gray coming soon to HBO Max

Another version of the #SnyderCut Justice League will be arriving soon on HBO Max and it’s called Justice is Gray.

Zack Snyder spoke about initially releasing his version of Justice League in black and white. “For me, the movie has lived, when I left the movie I kept it on my laptop and I turned it black and white in some sort of cathartic and sort of visual, I don’t know if it’s protest or whether it was just some way of dealing with this whole thing. But I had it, I turned it black and white. And so for me the movie lived in black and white for two years… And it still does, because one of the caveats when I said I would finish the movie was like ‘I also want to finish a black and white version of the movie.'”

There’s no release date yet bit it is coming soon on HBO Max streaming app.

Watch the trailer of Justice is Gray below.

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