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World Vision aims to help more children through Back-to-School Campaign 2021

World Vision, a humanitarian organization that helps to improve the lives of children, begins its campaign for the next school year, 2021-2022 — to help more Filipino children go back to school amidst the challenges of the COVID-19 Pandemic. 

When a pandemic arises in the country, one of the most affected is the education industry. Children aren’t supposed to attend school physically that leads them to adjust to a new distance learning.  It is a form of online learning where they ought to use technologies to facilitate the communication between students and teachers.

But despite the challenges, World Vision puts forward that no one child should be left behind, they believe that all children must access education during this time. The Back-to-School Campaign supports the children — to continue to learn and provide the quality of education they must have.

Based on the survey conducted by World Vision, 21% of children are hesitant to attend school for the next school year. 89% of children are expected to struggle in an online schooling setup. On the other hand, 38% of children are incapable of accessing the internet.

The parent’s concerns about distance learning are no/slow internet, lack of gadgets, and ineffectiveness of online learning. Moreover, the internet problem is their worry the most — in a survey, 47 % of them say that they don’t have the internet. 33% are lacking in gadgets, and 20% are believing that distance learning is ineffective.

“Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, it is inspiring to see a number of most vulnerable children continue to have access to quality education. With your support of World Vision’s Back To School campaign, we can sustain their learning and help them reach their full potential. Together, we can look forward to a bright future,” World Vision National Director Mr. Rommel Fuerte said.

Furthermore, World Vision Ambassador Jasmin Curtis-Smith encouraged everyone to help and support the organization. She recently donated 1,500 children’s books in compliance with the Back-to-School Campaign to rest assured that children continue to strive to learn. The said books will be given to a thousand children in Malabon.

“The pandemic has severely hindered many children’s opportunities to have a good education, but we’re hoping that World Vision’s ‘Back-to-School’ campaign could help them in any way and that everyone can find their reasons to support a child. This is a cause I really believe in, and I stand with World Vision in ensuring that these children reach their full potential through education,” World Vision Jasmin said.

The World Vision Back-to-School Campaign’s last year has supported 64,000 children by providing school kits and printed modules. School kits consist of usual school materials but depending on the grade level of the students. The campaign is also partnered with its ambassadors Jasmin Curtis-Smith and Scarlet Snow Belo. 

To help and create more meaningful children’s lives, support the World Vision Back-to-School Campaign at and visit to know more about the organization.

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