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Piecing together the puzzle of the Robyn Jang Lucero murder case (Part 3)

This is a continuation from the previous article Piecing together the puzzle of the Robyn Jang Lucero murder case (Part 2)

Jang’s position inside the car when found

This is very obvious that the killers are trying to mislead the investigation . If we are able to believe that Lucero was killed between 9:52 PM and 10:17 PM, how come the inside of the car was clean enough saved from brutal blood evidence and Jang’s position when found inside the car looked like she was carefully placed in that way.

If the crime happened inside the car, there will be signs of resistance. Her position could have been different if there were struggles. Also, if the crime happened there, bloods will spill all over inside the car and her clothes will be full of blood. None or less of it were present when authorities found her body. And the inside of the car was quite clean.

The police mentioned Lucero’s right hand was broken. It is safe to say that the murder did not happen inside the car. If the suspects were holding her hands as they stabbed her while the car was in transit, they could have met an accident on the road. They couldn’t done it inside the car as space won’t allow them to move without stuggles.

Moreover, let’s not ignore the autopsy done to the victim. Based on the initial autopsy report, Jang was already dead 5PM or at least 5 hours before her body was found inside her gray Mitsubishi G4 on the night of 28 June Sunday along the dark portion of Bucal Bypass Road in Brgy. Maunong, Calamba, Laguna.

From the accounts that we’ve mentioned above, we are definite that Jang was not killed inside the car.

No blood spills. No signs of struggles. The murder did not happen inside the car. The suspects could have brought Lucero to some other place (either before or during the attack); or the crime happened the day before and they hid Jang’s body for the meantime; or the killing was done outside the car when they attacked her.

Netizens also noticed that when Lucero’s body was found, she was wearing her girlfriend’s clothes, adding to theories and suspicions. There are also pieces of evidence found at the scene of the crime that could tie up to the persons of interest.

Upon follow up investigations, there are new evidences, a bag and old mobile phones found near the scene of the crime, the day after Jang was discovered along the Bypass Road.

Jang knew the killers and the supposed text conversation or messages with her ‘passengers’ could have been orchestrated and tampered. The Facebook chat Messenger was said to have been deleted.

“We are more inclined [to believe that] it’s a case of love triangle rather than [something related to her job as a driver],” said Lieutenant Colonel Gene Licud, chief Calamba, Laguna Police.

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It looks like the killing was planned by a group of individuals. And based on thd police reports, these people are very close and familiar to Jang.

But the suspects forgot that there are CCTVs everywhere and even their face masks could not hide their true identities. They also forgot that there are breadcumbs that were left behind on social media posts that could eventually tie them up to the murder case of Lucero.

BUT then…

Lately, the police are reportedly saying that there wasn’t enough evidence yet in their investigation. This new development came after the investigators were confident in having the identities of the persons involved in the crime.

Read the article below.

Also, the arrest of Ann Sheila Montes Belarmino does not convinced many netizens following the case that she was the person seen on the CCTV footage.

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Although CALABARZON chief Brig. Gen. Vicente Danao, Jr. told the media that Belarmino already confessed to the authority the details that led to the gruesome crime, it casted doubts when Belarmino herself denied the confession and told 24 Oras reporter John Consulta that she did not commit the crime.

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However, Danao is still certain that Belarmino is the suspect. The police chief assured all that there will be no whitewashing on this case eventhough skeptics are already losing trusts in the police investigation.

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These are just theories based on the accounts we’ve gathered online; from the accounts of kins; from different posts and comments on Facebook; and from news reports from different blogs and news channels sites. These could be right or wrong information. We just hope that these will help authorities to get more leads to solve this murder incident.

How about you? Do you have any theories about the incident? Please share your theories on our comments section below.

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