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White Castle Whisky’s choice of calendar model is breaking the norm

Last year, 2021, White Castle Whisky, a favorite liquor brand by many since our childhood days, surprised its legion of followers by introducing a new calendar model. For that year, White Castle Whisky did not get a sexy female personality to represent the 12-months of the year but rather chose a breakthrough internet and social media personality – a man who goes by the name of Ninong Ry.

Ninong Ry rose to fame through his own style of cooking and brandishing ‘baka naman’ call outs to different brands in a move to become one of his future content sponsors. The efforts birthed a new opportunity and this is where White Castle Whisky came in the picture.

The liquor brand breaks the norm of showcasing sexy female calendar models and instead made Ninong Ry, the newest, the latest, and the first male calendar model of the brand for 2021.

There might be some who have raised their eyebrows but this move was a perfect way to show that being a calendar model doesn’t need to be exclusive. White Castle Whisky has started to promote inclusivity, giving chance to other genders an opportunity to be part of the iconic brand.

And for this year, 2022, White Castle Whisky reveals its newest calendar model, Sassa Gurl, to the public.

“Nung 2021, ang calendar model namin, yung laging taga-luto tuwing may inuman.
Ngayong 2022, ang calendar model namin, ang laging nagpapainom tuwing may inuman.

Ang aming White Castle 2022 Calendar Model, walang iba kundi ang Mima nyong busog, Sassa Gurl!

Maya na kayo mag-maoy. Sinong nagsabing babae lang pwedeng maging Calendar Model? Ilabas nyo na ang White Castle at ang chaser, basta si Sassa Gurl ang pulutan ha?



White Castle Whisky is a product of Destileria Limtuaco & Co., Inc.

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