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WBC admires Mitra’s leadership and support in women’s boxing

(WBC WEBSITE) — Abraham Kahlil ‘Baham’ Mitra, the Chairman of the Games and Amusement Board (GAB) in the Philippines, is a major force in the development of boxing in general and strong supporter of Women`s Boxing.

Mitra is a valued and hard-working member of the World Boxing Council Board of Governors. During his time as Chairman of the Oriental and Pacific Boxing Federation, better known as the OPBF, he promoted and expanded its membership, helping to reactivate the participation of Tonga, Taiwan and Guam.

Mitra, who served as Congressman from 2001 until 2010, used the diverse and comprehensive experience gained as Governor of the Palawan Province, to help in the administration of boxing, with efficiency, attention to detail and significantly  caring and kindness, which distinguishes him as a person.

He has also helped facilitate grants from the Jose Sulaiman Boxers Fund, reinforced by GAB Boxing to some boxers who have fallen in hard times.

One of Abraham`s greatest and most fundamental achievements, was helping internationalize the WBC`s Women`s Convention.  The first one was held in Playa Del Carmen and the second was in Tijuana, which is also in Mexico.

So, it was time for this important and significant event to be placed on to a global footing.  In 2018, the WBC`s Asia Summit was being held in Manila in the Philippines, and Abraham took on the responsibility of combining it with the third WBC Women`s Convention, November 16-19th Abraham and his Team achieved an astounding success, organizing this large and successful twin event, adding on one element to another, and it was achieved with panache and superb organizational ability leading to triumph.

Delegates from all around the World stayed in the magnificent Sofitel Philippine Plaza. They included Mia St John, Melisa St Vil, Alicia Ashley, Martha Salazar, Jelena Mrdjenovich, Fabiana Bytyqi, Franchon Crews-Duzurn, Kenia Enriquez, Raja Amasheh and Sulem Urbina and many other fighters from around the world . They were accompanied by the management structure team which defines and develops women`s boxing, namely:

Chair of the WBC`s Women`s Championship Committee Malte Muller Michaelis, Jill Diamond who`s WBC International Secretary and International Chairperson of WBC Cares and Christiane Manzur who`s WBC Cares Chairperson.  The daily work sessions which were intense, urbane, tremendously good humored and productive, were held in the Philippine International Convention Center.

The third WBC Women`s Convention in Manila proved to be an historic milestone. Decisions there have helped develop boxing, including the ongoing battle to improve pay for women boxers, who are dedicated, hard-working and highly competitive, yet always showing exemplary sportsmanship.  At the end of bouts and championship contests women boxers invariably embrace and congratulate each other on a fight well fought in genuine heartfelt fashion.  A fabulous example to us all in the Sport of Boxing.

Abraham`s first love is his family. At work, his responsibilities span all major sports in the Philippines, but one of his great passions is developing boxing.  This country is the pearl of boxing in Asia. It has produced great champions including: Pancho Villa, Flash Elorde, Little Dado, Gerry Penaloso, Luisito Espinosa, Ben Villaflor, Malcolm Tunacao, Rolando Navarette and Manny Pacquiao are just some of its constellation of stars.

Abraham Mitra relentless work and passion for boxing and humanity was fundamental during the difficult times during the pandemic as he lead with example by implementing protocols with the support of The WBC to reopen gymnasiums and to allow boxer to keep activity during the most difficult times .

GAB has also instituted severe penalties to those trying to exploit boxers abroad and has implemented exemplary administrative protocols to protect the less fortunate.

GAB under the leadership of Abraham Mitra was recognized by The WBC as Boxing Commission of the year for the unprecedented implementation of free medical examinations to all boxers before licensing them, this honor was presented during The WBC annual convention in Baku, Azerbaijan in 2017.

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