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VP Leni Robredo thanked various organizers and volunteers after a long day of work

Vice President and presidential candidate Leni Robredo took to social media shortly before midnight to thank all of the organizers who set up Pink Caravans and pa-Lugaw in various locations throughout the Philippines, as well as the one held in the United States.

After a long day, Robredo started her Facebook Live on her VP Leni Robredo account. Robredo left for Cebu early in the morning and returned to Manila around noon.

She spent time on her livestream thanking the various people and volunteers who help them with their daily activities.

Despite the fact that it was nearly midnight, Robredo remained upbeat, as if no signs of a long day were visible on her face.

Her social media presence this time was very different from the other PR and marketing stunts we’ve seen from her team in the past. This type of her expressing gratitude to the people and groups who support her can earn her points in the upcoming election.

There was another video of her acknowledging the presence of rival supporters of another candidate watching her live stream. Robredo thanked them for being nice to her during the livestream.

Watch her Facebook Live video here

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