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Valenzuela City and Pasig City signed Interconnectivity Agreement of ValTrace and PasigPass

Valenzuela City and Pasig City signed Interconnectivity Agreement of ValTrace and PasigPass

On September 12, 2020, the City Government of Valenzuela, spearheaded by Mayor Rex Gatchalian and the city council and vice mayor, launched ValTrace to upgrade the contact tracing efforts in the city.

This technology innovation allows visitors of closed establishments in Valenzuela City to download their unique QR codes and have it presented upon entry instead of the manual logging on contact tracing forms.

This innovation was also adapted by the City Government of Pasig led by Mayor Vico Sotto and the city council and vice mayor last October 8 and rolled out their own QR code-based contact tracing method called “PasigPass” as part of their city’s new health monitoring system.

On December 4, both cities signed the Interconnectivity Agreement for ValTrace and PasigPass to allow Valenzuela and Pasig residents to have an easier, faster, and safe contact tracing monitoring when they pass through both cities.

1st District City of Valenzuela, Cong. Wes Gatchalian lauded the efforts of both city government for building this partnership that will bring wider scope of contact tracing service for their constituents.

2nd District City of Valenzuela, Eric Martinez was glad to announce that from 1,300 active cases, three months ago, the numbers have dramatically dropped to 50 up to 80 cases, as well as the numbers in fatality and death rates in November with only 9 deaths, the lowest in many months in the COVID-19 related cases in the Valenzuela City. “This is a testament that all the campaigns and system that the City Government of Valenzuela is enforcing, and implementing are on the right track in fighting this disease (COVID-19) that was barely known to us in the beginning of the pandemic,” said Cong. Martinez.

“Our contact tracing app is an effective tool in “flattening the curve”, especially in the months of November, December, January, and February or the cold months. I look forward that this partnership between Valenzuela City and Pasig City serves as a catalyst for the whole National Capital Region (NCR).”

In Pasig City, Mayor Vico promises to strengthen all campaigns and efforts in their city’s fight against COVID-19. The Mayor of Pasig saw the effectiveness of ValTrace and they reached out with the City Government of Valenzuela in providing them with assistance in sharing them how the system of digital contact tracing solution can work for the city. “I thanked Mayor Rex Gatchalian and the whole Valenzuela City council for generously sharing with us the system, and, presently, we are now using the same digital contact tracing solution through our very own PasigPass,” said Mayor Vico.

“I am very happy to announce (starting December 7) that we will be interconnecting PasigPass with ValTrace, and vice-versa, that will effectively reinforce our contact tracing in both city governments. God bless to all of us. Let us continue helping and working together so that we can soon end this pandemic,” he added.

Mayor Gatchalian shared that near-universal or almost all of Valenzuela residents are using ValTrace app with more than 1 million users already registered in the system. “Through ValTrace, we attest that there is a convenient, efficient, faster, and safe means for contact tracing. We don’t need to be hassle and there’s nothing to be afraid in giving and using our information because of the data security privacy encrypted in the system,” explained Mayor Gatchalian.

Mayor Gatchalian also added that the ValTrace QR code can now be used in any establishments located in Pasig City and its residents are welcome to use PasigPass in Valenzuela City.

Together with Mayor Vico and Mayor Gatchalian, Cong. Martinez and Cong. Gatchalian, and Cong. Roman Romulo, Lone District in Pasig were all present during the virtual signing of the Interconnectivity Agreement of ValTrace and PasigPass last December 4.

“This partnership between Valenzuela City and Pasig City is important and monumental to us and the whole NCR. I am looking forward that this beautiful partnership between these two cities will enkindle a call for unity to work together with all our fellow NCR members,” shared Cong. Romulo.

*Source: Mayor Rex Gatchalian Facebook page.

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