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Unlock limitless learnings with Lenovo Edvision

Unlock limitless learnings with Lenovo Edvision

As technology is changing, so does the way students are learning transforms. To better prepare students to excel in the digitalized world, Lenovo Philippines and Microsoft’s Lenovo EdVision Program offers a complete set of innovative solutions that are tailored to the needs of students, especially during the pandemic.

Students , schools, and teachers can unlock possibilities as they register through the program at Lenovo EdVision Program with lots of benefits that they can acquire.

Lenovo and Microsoft will provide the technologies that engineer smarter classrooms for students through close collaboration with experts in education and technology industry peers.

The Program Benefits includes Student Ambassador Program and Teacher Ambassador Program where students and teachers will have access to device seedings, leadership skills training, curriculum build up, soft skills workshop, literacy training, and more. Both will also enjoy the opportunity to be part of the Lenovo EdVision Summit where they can learn and exchange ideas on the latest technology and catch up with latest devices and solutions showcase.

“The education experience of our students is our utmost priority. We
are proud to provide the technologies that engineer smarter classrooms for our students. Through our close collaboration with Lenovo
[MARKET], who are experts in education technology, we aspire to
continue being a major advocate of classrooms of the future,” said Lenovo Philippines President and General Manager Michael Ngan.

Institutions interested in participating in the EdVision program may find more information at the official website at

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