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Train to Busan Presents: Peninsula fails at continuity arc

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Although the South Korean movie, Train to Busan Presents: Peninsula was intended as a standalone installment from the original, fans were still hoping that even at the very last moment, a connection from the first film would complete the film’s storyline. It didn’t and fans of Train to Busan were left disappointed.

Peninsula opened in July 2020 amid the global COVID-19 pandemic and received mixed reactions from moviegoers. Peninsula rakes $32-million on the box office (numbers are still adding up) since its theatrical release with a budget of $16-million.

As a standalone, Peninsula has its own narrative. But overall, the film doesn’t have that much thrills for a zombie apocalypse story. The ex-soldier mercenary-type mission to retrieve bags of money and the guilt-driven character had been used up already in many films, minus zombie swarms, and that made Peninsula just an ordinary action-thriller type movie.

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It lacks the horror of the zombies which moviegoers have come to see in the first place. The undead in Peninsula were used merely as props and extra challenge for characters speed chasing and driving in the post-apocalyptic Korean country. The fast too furious car exhibitions were lousy.

Ed Uy of said that Peninsula lacks the ‘human drama’ that Train to Busan is known for that swept the audience from start to finish. We agree to that.

Cinematic effects were also boring. Too much CGIs that weren’t needed made Peninsula less horrifying and sensible if it were happening in real life.

Train to Busan only have a budget of $8-million but their CGIs much better.

The only connection to the first film was the mention of the plague four years ago in Busan in the early scenes of Peninsula. Other than that, it crafted its own path away from the original. And that is why it failed to win and live up to audience’s expectations throughout the whole film.

We were just waiting for a Su-an cameo and that didn’t happen.

Ratings: 6/10

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