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Top 11 Health Mobile Applications : The safest and easiest way to check, mental and physical conditions

As time passes due to the continues evolution of technology, the medical process also changes specially when the pandemic arrived in the world. Covid-19 causes a lot of challenges to everyone, from issues of health (physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional), finances, employment, relationship among others, and limited interaction. Medical Organizations produced solutions by making new mobile applications that helps people to check their health even they are in home.

The list of good applications can be a great way to manage our health, about getting enough sleep; taking care of our body and mind; and managing things like medications and doctors appointments that plays important roles in our life. We found these top 10 mobile applications that can help a person to have a healthy lifestyle in the easiest and safest way.



Is a high performance mobile and an all – in – one application meticulously created for the Filipinos’ holistic well-being, providing virtually but professional consultation, wellness programs, products, and delivery services with just a one tap. mWell was recently launched by Metro PacificHealth Tech Corporation (MPHTC).

PULSE by Pru Life UK


An all-powered health management application that aims to help it’s users to take control of their wellbeing, PULSE by Pru Like UK offers different features such as health check, symptoms checker, wellness goals, fitness tracker, My food journal, hospital locator, My Al health clinic, BMI and wrinkles mirror.

Konsulta MD


A telehealth services that offers a new level of experience in primary care featuring virtual consultation and digital management of healthy records.

Health Tap


This application is another way that you can use to ask questions about your health for free. Health Tap can give you a confidential answer from professional doctors within about 24 hours or patients can make a schedule to see a doctor immediately with a fee.

Fabulous: Self Care


An application that helps a person build a healthy habit with fabulous health result and happier life. This app will help you motivates yourself to be more productive amidst pandemics. It will maximize your energy levels, find more focus, lose weight, and sleep better.

Health and Nutrition Guide & Fitness Calculators


This application helps a person to be fit with conjunction of actively diets. It provides some information and recommendation about benefits of many healthy foods for vegetarians and meat eaters. It also lets a person calculate his/her BMI and other body measurements to see if the change in their body has a positive or negative health results.

Moodpath: Depression and Anxiety


Because depression and anxiety are happening in time of the pandemic, this application helps a person in understanding and reflecting their changing moods, a health condition that is hard to control of. The Moodpath app will become a person’s check-in tool every day. This will help an individual to avoid being stuck in a negative or toxic behavior.



IExaminer is a mobile app that allows physicians to take pictures of patients eyes and retinal nerves right from their smartphones. It connects the mobile camera to the PanOptic ophthalmoscope and captures high-resolution imagery to be stored and shared as needed.



The AliveCor is a mobile health application that gives people the ability to take medical-grade electrocardiograms (EKGs) from their mobile devices with simple sensors. This app can be useful to detect health issues quickly, remotely, and affordably.

Glucose Buddy


This mobile app is more focus on diabetes management that tracks blood sugar, insulin, weight, physical activity, and food intake that commonly has a person.



An application about sports and wellness that helps a person on how to maintain body fit and healthy lifestyle. This will help a person to have a good and health body shape.

This list of mobile applications about checking our health condition is one of the safest ways in the present time. Some advantages of mobile application are allowing patience and their physicians to have a consistent contact through virtual consultation and appointments.

It helps people to access essential health information quickly, which can minimize extra, tracking symptoms in real-time for quick diagnoses and expert feedback and Allowing patients to track and monitor their own medical conditions and be proactive about potential treatments and so on. Through the continues evolution of technology our life always became easy.

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