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"Today's Classics" LifeWear Magazine Issue 07, 2022 Fall/Winter

“Today’s Classics” LifeWear Magazine Issue 07, 2022 Fall/Winter

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Global apparel retailer UNIQLO launches the LifeWear magazine Issue 07, 2022 Fall/Winter. The theme of this latest publication is “Today’s Classics,” showcasing designs that are at first glance traditional and basic but updated with modern details.

The Issue 07, 2022 Fall/Winter also focuses on clothing that reflects ingenuity and a commitment
to quality manufacturing, contemplating the standards of the future through a variety of fashion
stories and interviews.

Takahiro Kinoshita, Fast Retailing Group Executive Vice President and Creative Director commented:
“The 2022 Fall/Winter issue of the LifeWear magazine is a contemplation of ‘old yet new,’ the
timeless that exists in our world. The outdated disappears, while the flashy is soon dismissed. But
old things that feel eternally new have special value. ‘Today’s Classics’ are central to the spirit of
LifeWear, which aims to honor history while constantly evolving. This issue reflects that idea. The
cover art borrows from the archive of textile-dyeing artist Keita Miyairi, presenting wonderful ‘old
yet new’ artwork.”

Main Contents of Issue 07, 2022 Fall/Winter
Today’s Classics in London

The opening pages are adorned with a fashion feature captured in London. Classic items updated
with modern materials and silhouettes, such as trench coats, wool suits, duffel coats, and pea coats,
are modelled by 14 Londoners as continually evolving LifeWear.
Hello, Mame – Interview with Maiko Kurogouchi
Maiko Kurogouchi, designer of the Mame Kurogouchi womenswear label, is about to release her

fourth collaboration collection with UNIQLO. In this feature interview, she discusses her exacting
standards for materials and curved lines, asserting that “I felt that with UNIQLO, I would be able
to create underwear that broke the mold, something truly special.” Interviewed in her native Nagano
Prefecture, the discussion also explores her roots and values.
Salut, Paris!
Developed in collaboration with l’étiquette , a French periodical that weaves intricate stories set
against the backdrop of stylings and items that capture the Parisian perspective, this fashion story
shot on location in Paris focuses on the latest collection from Uniqlo U. Eight men and women
present their outfit stylings, centered on outerwear that combines functionality and beauty, as well
as sophisticated knitwear. The neutral colors standing out against the streets of Paris will whet the
appetite for shopping.
John Pawson and his Home Farm
This article features the villa owned by British minimalist architect John Pawson in the Cotswolds,
in the U.K. This home farm, built in 1610 and renovated over a period of nearly six years, is truly
something that is both old and new. The story explores the design philosophy of a man seeking to
create ageless designs.

Unique Clothing / Joyful Upcycling
Unique Clothing is a serial feature that looks at UNIQLO masterpieces, the basic items that continue
to evolve. Issue 07, 2022 Fall/Winter presents fluffy fleece, which from this season features 100%
recycled polyester fabrics for the main body. An accompanying feature, Joyful Upcycling, introduces
the upcycling and repair services launched at UNIQLO stores around the world, including London,
Berlin, and New York.
LifeWear magazine is a free publication that conveys the UNIQLO LifeWear philosophy of making
the everyday lives of people richer and more comfortable.

Overview of LifeWear magazine Issue 07, 2022 Fall/Winter
Magazine: A4 modified size, 124 pages, bilingual Japanese and English

Main distribution points: UNIQLO stores nationwide and on

Free Kindle version also available on the Reader Store on September 2

Special website:

Online exclusive contents available for download

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