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The key to build up limitless learning with a laptop ready for 24/7 computing

The key to build up limitless learning with a laptop ready for 24/7 computing

Study shows that there are 61% students report regularly using laptops for school work, while 53% use tablets or hybrid devices. With the average learner going digital over 10 ½ hours a day, it adds up to more than half a billion hours of yearly use at school, home, and everywhere in between.

Growing teens see a shift in their sleep patterns, falling asleep at 9 becomes falling asleep at 11. At the same time, classes, especially in high school,
start earlier. Logging off close to midnight means long days for students and their devices.

Even away from school, homework demands keep kids busy. Three hours a week by the average K-5 learner can quickly turn into nearly 20 for grades 9-12. It all adds up to nonstop learning that demands devices that are just as relentless.

Lenovo designs for reliability first, creating education-built devices that meet twelve military specifications for performance in hazardous conditions like liquid spills, extreme heat, dust, and vibration — and that’s just the start.

Lenovo believes that richer everyday learning experiences are critical to encouraging the exploration and achievement required for long-term success in and out of school. Our devices are designed, built, and tested
specifically for modern education environments. Featuring the safety and security of Windows 10, students and teachers can create and collaborate with confidence that devices are protected and data is secure.

Lenovo Durability

• Windows security and manageability, including
AppLocker® and BitLocker®
• Durable construction and materials, featuring
rubber bumpers, reinforced corners, hinges,
and ports
• Scratch-resistant displays
• Spill-resistant keyboards with anchored keys
that make removal difficult
• Active Protection System keeps drives safe
during drops
• Firmware-embedded Absolute® Data & Device
Security for fast device recovery

For more information on rugged and reliable education-built products
featuring Windows 10, visit

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