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TCL and VSTECS Phils launch new mobile devices for the Filipino consumers

TCL and VSTECS Phils launch new mobile devices for the Filipino consumers

TCL Philippines has inked a partnership with VSTECS Phils. Inc – one of the leading ICT distribution companies in the country, aim to bring a new wave and vast range of affordable TCL smartphones, tablets, and audio devices to the Filipino market.

“TCL has always been about innovation and expansion. Starting from television business and now to mobile phones, we are continuously expanding our ecosystem of products – with our core deeply rooted to lines of connection, display, and interaction. From there, we are initiating an integrated smarter way of living,” shares Philip Xia, CEO of TCL Philippines – TCL Sun, Inc. “Here in TCL, we believe that greatness knows no boundaries and we have always been relentless when it comes to breaking barriers and exploring endless possibilities. I am confident that together with one of the country’s market leaders in local ICT distribution, which is VSTECS Phils, we will be conquering new and greater heights as we embark on another exciting journey of business expansion through our mobility products.”

“We are delighted to include TCL Mobile to our fold of impressive product portfolio. This addition solidifies our commitment to offer end-to-end solutions for practically all verticals and provide new growth opportunities for our channel partners. And as one of the pioneers in intelligent technology, I am confident that TCL will gain positive traction having been known to deliver some of the industry’s firsts such as QLED, Mini LED, THX Certified Gaming TV, to name few. We hope to raise the bar in mobile entertainment by offering products that combine innovation and affordability,” says Jimmy D. Go, president and CEO, VSTECS Phils. Inc.

TCL 20 SE: Displaying Greatness—Cinematic Experience at the Tip of Your Hands

After TCL 20 SE was unveiled last January at the CES 2021 press conference, it now has arrived in the Philippine shore. This smartphone blends a nature-inspired design with exceptional performance and affordability, offering an upgrade to handle the needs of today’s consumer, with improved imaging, solid performance, and longer battery life.

“After the successful launch of the TCL Mobile brand, 2021 will be a very important year for TCL’s business as we build on the momentum established last year and continue to grow as one of the world’s largest end-to-end global consumer electronics brands,” said Aaron Zhang, CEO of TCL Communication. “This year, our TCL-branded mobile devices highlight an increased focus on strengthening our TCL ecosystem by making 5G connectivity more affordable and accessible to people around the world, without compromising the premium features and design associated with TCL.”

The 20 SE features the latest TCL-made display and the next generation of NXTVISION, TCL’s proprietary advanced display optimization and camera technology. NXTVISION provides users with improvements to the video and image display experience, including improved SDR to HDR conversion, enhanced color calibration, and more eye safety features.

While maximized video entertainment and power are the foundations of the TCL 20 SE, the device’s quad rear camera comes with AI-powered color portrait and sky enhancement features, which are designed to automatically detect the intended subjects and adjust the background for more epic shots. Additionally, the new AI Object Eraser can clear out people or objects in the background.

The TCL 20 SE will be available this April 2021 in Nuit Black and Aurora Green across multiple store outlets in the Philippines.

TCL 20 SE is exclusively distributed by VSTECS Phils., Inc. and is available through its accredited retailers nationwide.

TCL NXTPAPER and TAB 10s Tablets Delivering Next-Level Technologies

During the CES 2021 virtual conference last January, two new TCL tablets were revealed—the TCL NXTPAPER and TCL TAB 10s—made to keep up with the productivity and entertainment needs of today’s remote professionals and students. Leveraging the company’s competence in display manufacturing, the TCL NXTPAPER will be the first commercially available tablet to use the company’s innovative colored e-ink display technology, and the TCL TAB 10s provides an affordable learning experience with a large screen and stylus. 

“NXTPAPER technology is a prime example of the Display Greatness philosophy that TCL Mobile has embodied since it launched over a year ago and showcases how a vertically integrated ecosystem can help produce innovative new products quickly and affordably,” said Stefan Streit, General Manager of Global Marketing for TCL Communication. “This new type of display will directly benefit remote workers and students alike, bringing new features that help encourage productivity, make life easier, and keep our eyes safe.”

TCL TAB 10s Offers Students and Families Outstanding Performance and Value

Offering a best-in-class viewing experience, along with plenty of power to drive productivity, the new TCL TAB 10s tablet is designed with today’s remote learners and their parents in mind.

Featuring a 10.1-inch screen, an octa-core processor which gives students the speed they need to process almost any online task, and a large capacity 8000mAh battery that provides up to eight hours of video playback and up to two weeks of standby time, the TCL TAB 10s is the ideal tech companion.

For studying anytime at any place, TCL’s newest tablet can also provide 4G LTE mobile communication, that allows you to access content from virtually anywhere, as well as participate in online classroom lessons or video calls without worry. Plus, students will be heard as well as seen clearly, thanks to the device’s dual microphones and speaker system, along with its front camera ensuring effective group communication.

Parents will appreciate the key features designed to help them manage their children’s time online, with an independent parental control interface and remote control that gives them the option to manage both their student’s study and rest time, and the ability to control any third-party apps being used on the device. The TCL TAB 10s also comes with POGO pin connectors to support additional third-party accessories, as well as the stylish TCL T-Pen stylus, which offers a smooth, natural pencil-on-paper type of experience with ultra-low latency.

For improved eye safety, the TCL TAB 10s display also features intelligent eye protection with integrated brightness and tonality control in daylight and low-light conditions. It offers a flicker-free performance with no blue light and a smart alert that tells users when they get fewer than 9 inches (25 centimeters) from the screen.

Beginning in March 2021, the TCL TAB 10s will be available in the EU, North America, the Middle East, Africa, China, Asia Pacific, and Latin America. Pricing comparisons for the Wi-Fi version and the 4G LTE/Wi-Fi. For pricing, availability, and promotions, you may contact VSTECS Phils., Inc. at [email protected] or visit:

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