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Take the perfect family photo this Christmas with these cameras and accessories on Shopee

Take the perfect family photo this Christmas with these cameras and accessories on Shopee

We know you’re excited to celebrate Christmas with your friends and family and may it be a physical or virtual celebration, documenting these special moments is a must. Take the perfect family photo this Christmas with these cameras and accessories on Shopee!

1. Canon EOS M200 – A handy camera for the aspiring photographer

The Canon EOS M200 is a user-friendly digital camera that is perfect for aspiring photographers or beginners. It comes with a Creative Assist feature that automatically sets the camera to take the photo you want, auto-adjusting the brightness, background blur, and color of your photo. It is also capable of recording videos at 4K resolution which gives you more options on how you want to document your family’s Christmas gathering! Worried about the hassle of transferring files from your camera to your phone? The Canon EOS M200 allows you to easily connect to your phone and transfer photos and videos through its bluetooth capability, saving you the time of manually uploading photos to another device. It’s currently priced at ₱34,998 (with a free tripod!) on Shopee so check out now while stocks last!

2. Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera – An instant camera for the film lovers

The Instax Mini 9 retains the ease of use and the attractive design elements of the extremely popular Instax Mini 8 while adding five new exciting colors (Cobalt Blue, Ice Blue, Flamingo Pink, Lime Green, and Smoky White) to choose from and a couple of new features. With its selfie mirror, there’s no problem in taking that selfie photo with your friends and family this Christmas. It also comes with a close-up lens adapter that allows you to focus on subjects as close as 35-50 cm. You can get the Instax Mini 9 for ₱3,419 on Shopee!

3. WEIFENG Tripod – A versatile tripod fit for any photographer

A tripod always comes in handy when taking family photos since it keeps your camera steady and allows you to get that perfect photo! With the WEIFENG Tripod, you get just that! Its compatibility with any phone or DSLR camera makes it a versatile tool in taking photos this Christmas. Grab it now for only ₱549 on Shopee!

4. Redragon GW800 Hitman Webcam – A reliable webcam for the Virtual Christmas Party Host

For virtual celebrations, a reliable webcam is a must-have! The Redragon GW800 Hitman Webcam has a 1080p resolution that is sure to help you get that quality shot of your virtual gathering this Christmas. It also comes with a rotatable clip-on mount that allows you to use it on your PC monitor or laptop. This mount gives you the option to place the webcam on your desk or table which can help you get the perfect image and angle you want. Check out the Redragon Hitman Webcam at only ₱1,368 on Shopee!

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