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Step-by-step guide on how to create your own Messenger Room

Facebook started to roll out and introduce a new way to enjoy video messaging with friends inside the Messenger app through the new feature Messenger Rooms.

The Messenger Rooms can be created to serve as a chat room with friends or during this, pandemic, can be used to start video conferencing that can be accessed by 16 people, as of this time being. But there are plans to expand the number of who can join for up to 50 people.

Facebook Messenger Rooms can be accessed through mobile and desktop. Just like Zoom, people can instantly share their mobile or desktop screen and activities with their friends on Messenger.

While app users can share their screens with up to eight people in a group video call, Messenger Room supports up to 16 people at once.

Earlier this month, Facebook was reported to be working on plans to integrate its Messenger with WhatsApp, enabling communication between the two apps.

To start creating your own Messenger Room, here is a step-by-step guide to help you begin.

1 . On your News Feed, check the Create Room or the latest notification of the roll out to start creating your room.


2 . Next, a new window will appear to select “Room activity,” “Who is invited?” and “Start Time”.

Click “Room activity” to start creating your room.


3 . Inside “Room activity” you can select the name of the room you want to appear, so that all your friends will know that you’ve created your Messenger Room.

Will it be “Happy Hour”?

Or a representation of what you’re feeling at the moment?

Or just name it as it is, as your “(insert name) Room”.


4 . Next, Invite or Tell Your Friends by selecting them from your Friends’ list. You can also choose for specific people that you can invite to join your video chat meetings.


5 . Next step is to select time and date to schedule your group video chat meetings.


6 . Once done, your room is now active and live, and it will be on public.

Your friends will see that your room is now active from their News Feeds. They can either join you instantly or they can wait for your invitation.

You can still edit the title of your room when it’s active. And if the video chat is finished, just click on “End Room” to end it.


Things to remember when you create your Messenger Room:

• Messenger Rooms can be locked or unlocked once a call begins.

• The room creator can remove any unwanted participants.

• Any participant can leave the room if they feel uncomfortable. You can learn more about how to stay safe when using Messenger Rooms.

• Participants can report the room name if you believe it violates Facebook’s Community Standards. Keep in mind that reports will not include audio or video from the room.

• If you have blocked someone on Facebook or Messenger they won’t be able to join a room you created or are in if you and they are both logged in to their Facebook or Messenger account.

• When a room creator broadcasts a room using Facebook Live, it is shared to Facebook and people outside the room may see what’s happening in the room.

• Facebook may collect and review audio and video from the room’s broadcast to make sure they follow our Community Standards.

2 thoughts on “Step-by-step guide on how to create your own Messenger Room

  1. If this one has a capability for its users to record their meetings, then I might have another option to record my conversations for my new content project.

    Though I think it would violate the social networking website’s community standards plus most messaging apps didn’t have a ‘record’ function because of anti-wiretapping matters, so, hmmm…. sounds good to me in meetings and group conversations but not for something else.

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