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Spacevue x Magicopper Limited Edition box is the perfect gift this Christmas

Spacevue x Magicopper Limited Edition box is the perfect gift this Christmas

2020 has been a landmark year for Filipinos for many sad reasons: In January, there was the Taal volcano eruption. In March, the start of the community quarantine due to COVID-19. In November, the rampage of three typhoons (Quinta, Rolly, Ulysses) that left many homeless and without loved ones — and in the Christmas season, no less.

At this point, the Filipino resilience is weary. The usual joyful Christmas that one can feel, see, and taste in the air is not there. People are praying nothing more comes to challenge our collective spirit, and we are torn between wanting this year to end already or putting all stops to still end 2020 with gratitude and a smile.

But how can this still be done?

Meet Spacevue

Spacevue is dubbed “the most luxurious and sought-after full-face protective face shield in the market.” It has a higher price point than most face shields available today, but the benefits to choosing Spacevue are more than worth it:



-Has glass-like optical clarity

-Has an anti-fog feature

Many cheap and bootleg brands in marketplaces make the same claims, but when one has tried these and then gets to wear Spacevue, the difference is so stark and clear — like the Spacevue face shield itself!

It also gets bonus points for offering not only safety but style, too. When one wears Spacevue, one often gets complimented for it. (And this, let’s admit, is a secret longing: to still look good even when wearing a face mask and a face shield on top of it.)

Spacevue’s claims are supported by the fact that professionals and celebrities wear it: from doctors, to celebrities (the likes of Iya Villania, Toni Gonzaga, Willie Revillame, KC Concepcion to name a few), musicians (South Border, Chito Miranda, Yeng Constantino) and politicians including no less than the Vice President of the Philippines herself, Ms. Leni Robredo.

Spacevue x Magicopper Limited Edition

Spacevue takes their brand a notch higher by partnering with Copper Defense PH.

The company has been bringing in copper technology to the Philippines from Korea since June.

Copper Defense PH is the official distributor of the highly popular Magicopper mask. These masks are made in South Korea by Korean brand Magicopper.

Magicopper combines copper technology against the virus, a sleek design that makes it

less clinical and more stylish, and properties that make it a joy to wear all day long:

deodorizing and good for the skin by helping prevent mask acne and dermatitis.

The Spacevue x Magicopper Limited Edition box is a beautiful package that would be good to remember 2020 by: the style, function, and effectiveness of all the items inside perfectly symbolize the spirit that kept the Filipino spirit afloat through the year, and even stronger for the years to come.

This is why it is the best Christmas gift one can give this season for family, friends, and loved ones. It is like giving them a piece of your heart and care, and also a symbol of how each one of us has victoriously survived a once-in-a-century pandemic and all the other calamities that went with it.

The Spacevue x Magicopper Limited Edition box is a collector’s item that deserves a place in your shelf, like a trophy that reminds you every day of your winning spirit. As any collector would, one can buy a box to open and another box to keep — use it as a tool to tell future generations the story of 2020 and how it changed humanity for good.

Buy a box, help a family.

Starting this December, Spacevue has decided that for every Spacevue x Magicopper Limited Edition box sold, a family in Bicol, Rizal, and Marikina will receive a grocery package. The company wants to give back and to pay their blessings forward.

This makes the Spacevue x Magicopper Limited Edition the best Christmas gift there is: because if you buy a box this Christmas, you are actually treating a family recovering from the typhoons to a Noche Buena meal they might not have without your help.

Spacevue aims to aid 1,000 families, and this is only possible with your help.

The Spacevue x Magicopper Limited Edition box is many things: a kit for you to use and a kit for you to keep. It is a quintessential time capsule in a bronze box created with this ethos: “Give a gift, protect a loved one, help a family.”

For more information, visit their website at their Facebook page or their Instagram account at 

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