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Share the Festive Magic and meaning of the 2020 Christmas Season with #HappyOREOHolidays!

Share the Festive Magic and meaning of the 2020 Christmas Season with #HappyOREOHolidays!

OREO is sweetening the world’s longest Christmas celebration. For all the love and support they received from Filipino OREO lovers, the snacking giant is unveiling limited-edition OREO holiday products. Enjoy charming yet affordable gift options guaranteed to delight friends and family!

Make holiday celebrations sweeter and more memorable with OREO Selections! Dazzle your loved ones with holiday-inspired OREO tin cans in 228g and 342g variants chockfull of a delicious assortment of most loved OREO favorites of 2020 inside, namely vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, and red velvet!

Take the spirit of spreading holiday cheer to meaningful heights with the OREO Gifting Box. Featuring two OREO slugs and a money box with four different designs to choose from, this delightful set offers a more profound twist to gift giving that also strengthens family ties. With the OREO Gifting Box, family members can drop their wishes for next year into the money box, save their money in it, and make their wishes materialize through the money they saved! The OREO Gifting Box is a unique, heartfelt gesture that creates more opportunities for playful and memorable moments at home, even after the holidays. It encourages people to take definitive steps towards their dreams and goals through mindful savings and intentions.

There is no better way to prepare for holidays and beyond in the new normal than with the gift of happiness that an OREO moment brings! The limited-edition OREO holiday products, OREO Selections and OREO Gifting Box, will be available in the Philippines in all leading physical and e-commerce stores nationwide ( from November until December 2020 until supplies last. Discover more delightful ways to have playful OREO experiences with your loved ones in 2021, as OREO gets ready to introduce new offerings and new ways to enjoy your OREO in 2021! Stay tuned!

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