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Samgyupsal dining to reopen soon

If you’re craving and missing your favorite Samgyupsal bbq get-together, your waiting days are over!

The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) already allowed restaurants and fast-food chains to reopen and accept dine-in customers provided they have acquired the provisionary safe pass and are located in general community areas.

DTI Secretary Ramon Lopez added that dine-in restaurants in GCQ areas may be allowed to operate at 30-percent capacity in the coming week to help the restaurants and fast-food businesses recover from financial losses brought by the implementation of community quarantine.

“We are doing this essentially in the interest of workers so they can get back to work. We shall be doing this on a gradual basis, starting at a 30 percent operating capacity. This is some kind of a preparation for the eventual de-escalation of Metro Manila and similar areas from GCQ to modified GCQ in the near future,” said Secretary Lopez during his interview with CNN Philippines.

Meanwhile, in an interview with PTV4, DTI Undersecretary Ruth Castelo said on Thursday (June 11) that buffet and salad bars are still prohibited in GCQ areas but Samgyupsal restaurants will soon be allowed to open for dine-in customers.

How these Samgyupsal restaurants handles their safety and sanitation, and social distancing protocols, that we need to know.

What can you say about these developments? Aren’t you glad that Samgyupsal will be returning soon to end your misery and finally, satisfy your korean bbq cravings?

Share us your Samgyupsal dine-in experience on the comments section below.

We’re excited to hear from you soon!

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