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National Artist Ryan Cayabyab sings for ‘Musika para sa Kinabukasan: A Benefit e-Concert for the Family Farm Schools’

National Artist Ryan Cayabyab sings for ‘Musika para sa Kinabukasan: A Benefit e-Concert for the Family Farm Schools’

The Pampamilyang Paaralang Agrikultura, Inc. (PPAI), a non-stock, non-profit foundation whose primary purpose is to assist groups and communities in the establishment of Family Farm Schools around the country, is holding a benefit e-concert with National Artist for Music, maestro Mr. Ryan Cayabyab, together with the Ryan Cayabyab Singers for a fun and magical night for music lovers and OPM enthusiasts. Proceeds will go directly to PPAI’s Dagatan and Balete Family Farm Schools’ scholarship programs and infrastructure.

The Family Farm School concept is patterned after the Spanish Escuelas Familiares Agrarias (EFA) and French Maisons Familiales Rurales (MFR) systems which are associations, primarily, of heads of families and parents committed to the development and upliftment of people living in a rural setting through integrative learning activities and technical training, particularly directed to young people, as a response to common and shared problems.  Individuals, professionals, and institutions who wish to contribute to this mission-vision could form part of these associations.  The system has been existing since the 1940s and has spread to more than 40 countries, in 5 continents today.

In the Philippines, the Family Farm School was pioneered by Pampamilyang Paaralang Agrikultura, Inc. (PPAI).  The first school begun operation in 1988.

For years, the Dagatan and Balete Family Farm Schools have been working towards providing better learning experiences for their students, however, raising funds for the renovation of their facilities and funding their scholarship grants have been quite difficult.

Since majority of the families of the students of FFS belong to class D (low-income families), and the yearly cost of education in the Philippines is close to P50,000 per student, education of students at the FFS is highly subsidized. FFS hopes to continue to assist even the poorest of their students towards graduation through their scholarship programs.

If you’d like to help and support the Family Farm School’s vision for quality education for all, and the advancement of the agricultural sector, come, and join the benefit e-concert ‘Musika Para sa Kinabukasan’ for just P500! A night of great music with the one and only Mr. C and the RCS on June 5, 2021 at 7PM (PHT)! The online benefit concert is open to the public. Those interested to watch just need to purchase a ticket via online ticketing platform,

Donations of any value are also accepted through GCash PPAFI account number 09956344811 or BPI with account name Pampamilyang Paaralang Agrikultura Foundation, Inc., account number 3401 0024 47.

PPAFI is a member of the International Association of Family Movements for Rural Training (AIMFR, Association Internationale des Maisons Familiales Rurales). AIMFR is headquartered in France and has a network of 1,000 associations covering 100,000 families in 40 countries. This network fosters the exchange of experiences and transfer of expertise among all its affiliates.

For more information about the Family Farm Schools and its programs, please follow @DFFSI on Facebook, or click this link

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  1. Will definitely support this Ryan C concert for the benefit of the Dagatan and Balete farm schools in Lipa. Cheers to Ryan C!

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