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What happened to the case of Robyn Jang Lucero?

One year after: What happened to the case of Robyn Jang Lucero?

It’s been one year now since the gruesome death of lady driver, Robyn Jang Lucero was found dead inside her own vehicle in Calamba, Laguna. Different persons of interest have been identified and yet there is still no hard evidence that will give the case a solid ground to arrest and charge the real suspect(s) in one of the gruesome crime incident that happened in 2020.

What’s the latest development from this case? Where is Meyah Amatorio, the victim’s girlfriend who went missing in August 2020?

Also in that month, the case of the murder-slay of Jang Lucero, who was also a member of the LGBTQ+ community, has come to the attention of President Rodrigo Duterte. Duterte ordered a deeper investigation to immediately solve the Lucero murder case. Unfortunately, after a year, we have yet to see the real justice for Lucero.

The case has been silent since late last year and no more updates have been given to the media.

May her soul rest in peace as her family’s and close friends are still searching for justice for her murder.

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