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Reconciliation: Random thoughts at 3 am

By Butch Ramirez

LOOKING at the present state of sports, I find many compelling reasons for us to pursue reconciliation at the elite sports level.  Whether as an athlete or officials, we should all embrace forgiveness, understanding, and reconciliation for the elite sports community to proceed successfully.  By success, I refer to the real successes in life – peace, and happiness.

While the human environment and experience are imperfect the virtues that we learn along the way light our every step in the journey.  We can help form better citizens with us having a sturdy moral compass as individuals or as a community. For us, in sports, we can look to the ideals of Olympism.

You will remember that in my previous statement I said that without compassion it’s difficult for human beings to have peace. This is why I am appealing to the sports community at the elite level – athletes and us officials both — to embrace peace, forgiveness, and compassion.  Let us not forget that while winning medals and bringing home pride to our motherland, it is our individual and collective virtues that make up the character of Philippine sports. 

I hope that we do not only project a victorious and courageous front but also take pride in showing a heart worthy of being called a sportsperson — fair, respectful, friendly, and peace-loving.

Sports must play an important role in setting an example for the children, now and in the future.  Let us make sure we are worthy of emulating.

(The message was posted in PSC Facebook page)

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