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PSC denounces shooting inside MSU


THE Philippine Sports Commission (PSC) on Monday condemn, in the strongest possible terms, the shooting incident during the Bangsamoro Youth Sports awarding ceremony recently at the Mindanao State University in Marawi City.

In an official statement, the PSC Board said the incident, although non-sports related, has no place in any school communities, as its seek the help and support of all concern to make sure a similar nature would not happen in the future.

“Sports events should be a gathering of sportsmen whose love for equality and peace are fostered through physical exercise and movement.  We have been advocating Sports for Peace, in our programs and have held countless events in the area of Mindanao, recognizing the positive impact of sports in our quest for peace,” stated in the PSC Board statement.

PSC Chairman William ‘Butch’ Ramirez, a Mindanaoan who hailed from Davao City, said he will coordinate with the council of elders in Marawi to avoid this type of incident from happening again, considering Marawi is one of the proposed areas for sports development. MSU is also PSC’s partner.

“Let us not allow people with a penchant for violence mar the success of sports in the grassroots level.  Let us all continue to be vigilant in our work for peace,“ said Ramirez.

In an initial report the incident which happening on Dec. 2, involving a group of outsider who confronted an MSU student at the grandstand where the Bangsanoro Youth Sports hold its culminating of sports activities.

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