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PSC celebrates World Kindness Day on Rise Up webisode

THE Philippine Sports Commission (PSC) celebrates “World Kindness Day” with a special episode in the agency’s Rise Up Shape Up web series on Saturday.

PSC’s Commissioner Celia Kiram said, “Sports may be competitive, but there is kindness always present.” The commissioner in-charge of the program cites players who help pick up opponents when they tumble and fall or opposing teams cheering on and congratulating each other after a tough match, as good examples.

“Outside of competitive games and playing fields, our athletes exercise kindness by giving back to their communities. Sports build on good characteristics, including kindness,” Kiram remarks. The lady commissioner will feature the history of World Kindness Day in “K-Isport” segment.

The special episode will have wellness advocate and book author of The Soul Speaks and A Gift: A Spiritual Journey on Love, Grace Eleazar, to speak about the value of kindness in building better connections. She will be joined by the chief of the Philippine Army’s Operations Research Center Col. Harold Cabunoc who will share insights on how kindness is being practiced in the sports setting.

Also in the webisode are athletes Coline Biron from Muay Thai, Aina Nicole dela Cruz, and Shara Julia Jizmundo of Pencak Silat, along with military personnel Col. Honey Royse Tubino, Sgt. Jovelyn Gonzaga, and TSgt. Usman Anterola.

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