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Protect Your Eyesight with Metrosunnies

Sunlight is composed of full spectrum of energy with both visible light, Ultraviolet light (UV) and Infrared light (IR).

These two lights are not visible in the human eye, but too much of UV rays can hurt our eyes, leading to increased risk of cataract, blurry visions and worst blindness.

During quarantine, our eyes are the most vulnerable part of the body that needs to function because of online classes and work from home activities. With that, we don’t have a choice but all eyes in our mobile devices and laptops to continue our daily lives especially in this new normal setup.

Good thing that Metrosunnies is now offering online class and work from home essentials; high quality, handy and fashionable eye glasses that will make you feel not wearing anything because it’s so comfortable plus it automatically change color depends when you go out, it will protect from the blue light and eye strains, perfect for all ages, women and for men.

Yes you read it right, MetroSunnies Gianni (Rose Gold) / Con-Strain PRO Photochromic Blue Light / UV400 / Anti-Radiation Glasses that has Photo chromic lens that automatically adapts to your environment. The lens changes its color, it will darken when exposed under the sun and giving you complete UV400 protection and will turn back to its clear or primrose color when you go back inside.

If you are looking for an eyeglass that suits your personality, if you love being extra, fashionable, and rock, Metrosunnies has more to offer for you.

Pleased to meet the new and limited edition MetroSunnies Comb (Black) / Party Eyewear without Lens Eyewear novelty items. You can now stand up to the crowd and party like a rock star!

Why choose Metrosunnies?

  • All of their specs have replaceable lens.
  • They have the most affordable and optical frames in the Philippines that offer high quality glasses.
  • Complete UV400 protection, Anti radiation and Anti fatigue quality lens.

Visit the Metrosunnies store on Shopee and check MetroSunnies Gianni (Rose Gold) / Con-Strain PRO Photochromic Blue Light / UV400 / Anti-Radiation that are now 30% off from its original price. Enjoy their bundle deals when buying 2 and get 50% off of the price.

MetroSunnies Limited Edition Comb (Black) / Party Eyewear Without Lens are now only 2% off its original price and  buying two will get discount 50% off.

Watch out for the upcoming 8.8 Mega Flash Sale on Shopee for bigger discounts and shopping vouchers. Always protect your eyesight!

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