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Prince Philip remains in Windsor chapel until the Queen dies

As if it was lifted from a romantic novel, Prince Philip’s coffin will remain in St. George’s Chapel in Windsor until the moment that Queen Elizabeth II dies. A bittersweet lovestory ending which will be awaited by the world.

The Duke of Edinburgh and the Queen stayed together for 73 years, recognized her husband as her “strength and stay” throughout the years.

Prince Philip died “peacefully” in his sleep by the Queen’s side at the age of 99, on April 9.

The monarch expressed her “deep sorrow” at her husband’s death and she has now entered an official eight-day period of mourning.

The Duke’s funeral will take place at St. George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle on Saturday, April 17.

The ceremony will be limited only to close family members and will not be attended by the public due to ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

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