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PHLPost ends traditional system of sending notification cards to speed-up deliveries

The Philippine Postal Corporation announced this weekend that their post offices will end the traditional system of sending notification cards to recipients to speed up delivery of all non-EMS parcels. By cancelling the notification cards, waiting time for parcels will be speed-up the process and lessens waiting period of up to two to three months.

Notification cards are sent to receiver to inform them that a parcel is available for pick-up at the Post Office.

This latest development on PHLPost policy started began on March 23 after the new Postmaster General & CEO Norman Fulgencio assumed his office on March 15.

Likewise since March 17, all post offices have been simultaneously ordered to deliver all unclaimed, aging, and new non-EMS parcels without delays.

“Since its inception, the traditional system of sending notification cards to consignees had been the norm. We have put this practice to rest,” said Fulgencio in a Facebook announcement.

You may contact the Customer Care Team from Mondays through Fridays (except holidays) at 8288-7678 or email [email protected] for more details and inquiries.

Visit their website to know more.

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