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Pasig City announces emergency hiring of nurses

The surge of COVID-19 cases has forced every hospitals in NCR to take full capacity workload from doctors, nurses, to maintenance work. Some hospitals had to use their lobbys or halls outside to accommodate patients. Putting up additional beds is also one of their tasks. But there’s still a lack on healthcare workers.

In Pasig City, Mayor Vico Sotto announced the additional 16-bed temporary facility they’ve provided and can be used as extension of Pcch-Covid Referral Center. This center was initially put up by the Rotary Makati.

“But we lack in nurses,” shared the Mayor on his Official Facebook Page.

That is why Pasig City is now accepting applicants to be hired and worked on duties per shifting. Interested applicants may email pcchnso @ (emergency hiring/contract of service only).

Nurses will be hired to work 12 hours per shift and will received P2,500 per duty.

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