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Office of the Vice President victimized by scammers

Politics is frankly dirty and it becomes more evident during election campaign periods. We did not to see other countries to know damn well how our country fare during elections.

Take for example this sitting president who blatantly accused a presidential aspirant of using cocaine despite his all-out war against drugs. Many are wondering if his accusations were legit and if that’s so, why haven’t he ordered for the arrest of this personality and prove to the country that his war against drugs is not just aimed at the poorest of the poor or those who doesn’t have connections?

Anyways, going back to our main topic. A syndicate went on a fake shopping spree online and have the items delivered to the Office of the Vice President (OVP). The P100,000 order came through from the MetroMart online shopping app and were charged cash on delivery (COD).

Vice President Leni Robredo was in the office at that time and quickly resolved the incident with MetroMart.

The scammers prolly thought that they can disrupt the OVP with this kind of MO but it’s the delivery riders who are more affected by this scams.

VP Robredo issued a statement on Facebook, as well as MetroMart who also shared their official statement with regards to the scamming incident.

“I was in the office, deep in meetings, yesterday when 3 delivery riders arrived with more than P100,000 worth of goods from 3 merchants in my name on a cash on delivery basis.

When I was told about this, nag alala ako sa delivery riders. Sobrang abala sa kanila. Bka akala ng scammers yung burden nasa amin. Hindi iniisip na kinakawawa nila yung riders saka yung mga shoppers nila na nabiktima. Umuulan pa naman kahapon and nabasa sila.

Thank you to Metromart and the merchants. Napakadali ng pag ayos ng return ng goods. Sana lang sa panahon ng matinding kagipitan, huwag ng mag isip ng mga panloloko at yung mga maliliit na naman yung mga nabibiktima,” wrote the VP on Facebook.

Below is the official statement from MetroMart.

The OVP and MetroMart are already investigating the matter.

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