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No Down Payment Truck Deal by Mars Trucks

No Down Payment Truck Deal by Mars Trucks

Jerome B. Mansibang, President of Trucking and Hauling Businessowners Association of the Philippines (TAHBAP), announces a great bargain to be availed in these trying times. Truck buyers and business owners can take Advantage of the “No Down Payment Truck Deal” now being implemented by Mars Trucks. 

According to Mansibang, the trucking business is a pandemic-proof industry, thus,  there are several projects and contracts in line with the trucks and their trucking businesses that are currently on hand.

Although non TAHBAP members may avail of the deal, members get extra benefits that they can enjoy. In connection to that, Mansibang released “The Ultimate Guide in Starting, Operating and Growing a Trucking Business from Scratch” which provides everything needed to know regarding the business.

Among them, building the fleet trade, getting licenses and permits, funding, operations management, free trucking technologies and tools, specialized knowledge, getting contracts, growing customer base and sustainability. Information and other details in line with the promo may be obtained at 855-72063 and 837-51925.

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