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NIVEA and Grab team up for drivers protection on the road

NIVEA and Grab team up for drivers protection on the road

When it comes to safety on the road, there are a few other things you need to remember besides your seatbelt. We all know the harmful effects of the sun’s rays on our skin like the loss of collagen, dark spots, and wrinkles, and how even a quick car ride can expose your skin to solar radiation. Cloudy days can be deceptive, as they can only block a small percentage of UV radiation. Because of this, the sun’s rays can still reach the earth and damage the skin, so even if the weather looks gloomy, it’s best to still protect your skin from the sun. But what if your day’s work involved multiple car and motorcycle rides under the sun?

This year, NIVEA and Grab joined forces to provide Grab drivers a primer on sun protection and safety on the road.

Last June 2, at 2-4PM, NIVEA and Grab held a webinar to educate Grab drivers on sun protection and the importance of sunscreen in daily life. With 600 drivers in attendance, one of the speakers, Dr. Vanessa Bernal, MD, FPDS – Dermatologist, Bernal Dermatology Clinic, discussed the harmful effects of solar radiation and what could happen with continuous, unprotected exposure. She also discussed important habits to practice every day, like keeping out of the sun during the hottest times of the day and wearing a hat and long sleeves. She also emphasized the need for sunscreen despite the weather being rainy, and how the sun’s radiation during gloomy days is still just as harmful as the harsh sunlight. But most importantly, she discussed how to properly use sunscreen to protect your skin and where to apply it.

Through this, NIVEA is expanding its commitment to Care for our front liners by extending sun protection to Grab drivers. It’s no doubt they’ve been indispensable during this pandemic, so what better way to extend their protection than by giving them NIVEA Sun products to use while they’re on the road.

Jamie Sanico-Sy Ching, Marketing Director of Beiersdorf said it best, “We recognize that this health crisis continues to lay heavier burdens on our front liners. NIVEA, since day one, has been cognizant of this and has provided medical front liners with skin protection through our NIVEA Crème donations. While it is important that we continue to support our doctors and nurses, we also recognize our silent front liners who, despite the risks, continue to make our locked down lives more bearable and safer – our Grab drivers. This partnership with Grab is our gesture of gratitude for their hard work, & our way of saying that ‘they matter, and we care,’ so allow us to protect your skin with NIVEA Sun.”

NIVEA Sun Products are available at all leading supermarkets and drugstores and online via Lazada and Shopee, and also on select Grabmart partners!

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