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New “PLASibilities” presented at the Taiwan Excellence Plastic & Rubber Machinery Online Press Conference 2020

EVER since the invention of the first synthetic polymer, later called plastic, back in 1869, it ushered an era where human manufacturing need not harm any living thing.

Same goes with rubber, which comes in the form of latex harvested from the rubber tree. It can be of the natural or vulcanized kind, the latter a discovery of self-taught chemist Charles Goodyear and can be used for several applications.

The unprecedented rise in the global production of plastic products because of increased demand for automobiles and consumer electronics, medical treatment, packaging, and construction also drove the demand for plastic and rubber machinery.

This is where Taiwan’s plastics and rubber machinery come in. Internationally renowned, Taiwan’s plastic and rubber machinery industry are one of a kind. Developing for more than five decades already with a complete industrial cluster, it is renowned for adopting high-level and superior technology, coupled with unmatched after-sales service. The Taiwan Association of Machinery Industry (TAMI) reported that its exports rank sixth in the world making it an acknowledged powerhouse in related industries.

More than 400 plastic and rubber machinery manufacturers in Taiwan combines Taiwan’s strong ICT strength, the industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), intelligent automation, intelligent sensors, and advanced manufacturing technologies to build “smart, high-end, custom-made” production solutions. This makes the industry an indispensable part of the plastic and rubber global supply chain as the world goes to the Industry 4.0 trend.

To help international plastic and rubber manufacturers face the future, post-pandemic, growth in plastic production demand, the Bureau of Foreign Trade (BOFT) Taiwan, R.O.C, and the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) held the “Taiwan Excellence Plastic & Rubber Machinery Online Press Conference 2020” During the conference, four of Taiwan’s leading plastic and rubber machinery companies have been featured. This includes Fu Chun Shin Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd. (FCS), ChumPower Machinery Corp., Fong Kee International Machinery Co., Ltd., and Diing Kuen Plastic Machinery, Co., Ltd..

FCS, the leading Taiwanese manufacturer of plastic injection molding machines, showcased the “Rotary Table Two-Component Injection Molding Machine (FB-230R)” and “Large Horizontal Rotary Table Two-Component Injection Molding Machine (HB-1400R).“FB-230R” is a precise and safe rotary table that has two sets of core equipment on the rotary table and a cooling system in the mold. This is the best option in the industry nowadays as the rotary table won’t touch the platen and thus the potential for damage is reduced.

Meanwhile the “HB-1400R” has a rotary table that spins 180° along the horizontal line so the mold is placed mold evenly on the rotary table’s two sides. With this feature, unwanted influence from external forces like gravity and inertia resulting from its vertical rotation can easily be avoided. The two platens for its clamping unit help save space and also satisfies the demand for products that use huge two-component molds.

ChumPower is the largest PET blow molding machine maker in Taiwan. Its “High speed stretch blow molding machine” can be linked with filling machines to help create a blowing-filling-capping production line, which makes it ideal for production lines with medium-to-high capacity and is proven to be highly cost-effective. The machine can be used to produce different bottles for mineral water, tea, juice, edible oil, medicine bottles, seasoning, CSD, cosmetics and more.

Mr. Charles Wei, Fong Kee International Machinery Co., Ltd. introduced their “Intelligent All-Electric Three Layer Blow Molding Machine-Industry 4.0.” He emphasized that the model is environmentally friendly. Specifically, it decreases average power consumption by 18%, Specific Energy Index by 22%, Noise Levels by 20db and CO2 emissions by 42.4% while increasing the production rate by 13.3%. Moreover, it is equipped with SCADA system, so for long term production, all data can be collected for further analysis to improve efficiency, cut costs, and enhance profitability. 

Mr. Eric Wei, Vice Chairman, Diing Kuen Plastic Machinery, Co., Ltd. showed off “Driving you to smart manufacturing: Five layers co-extrusion for industrial stretch-hood”. He noted that with the application of IIoT, the product can provide remote service, detection, and automated online operation. Furthermore, clients can use the augmented reality instruction manual to eliminate the operating difficulties, which is very important during the COVID-19 pandemic, because of the need to avoid face-to-face interaction.

Taiwan Excellence will continue to showcase world-class products from Taiwan via its upcoming webinars as a testament to its commitment of pursuing excellence in every step of the way.

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