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Most violated health protocols during ECQ inside NCR Plus Bubble

In tonight’s President Rodrigo Duterte public address, PNP chief Gen. Debold Sinas shared his presentation slides in the view of the President and other cabinet officials present for their regular updates on COVID-19 report.

Sinas report included the most violated health protocols during the ECQ implementation for NCR Plus as of April 12, 2021 in his report.

The slides showed the top 3 violated protocols which are: (1) not wearing of face shield, followed by (2) not wearing of face mask, and third, (3) mass gatherings.

This is a reminder to all that you must always bring and wear your face mask and face shield everytime you leave your residences.

In these cases, a total of 26,939 individuals did not wear their face shields and 14,122 did not wear their face masks. A total of 341 people were involved in mass gatherings.

Other violations include the non-observance of social physical distancing and violation of RA 11332.

The live cabinet meeting was the first time the President appeared after his two-week missing-in-action (MIA) from the public eyes.

President Duterte sneered rumors of his ‘untimely demise.’

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