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Why Miss Universe pageant matters today

Why Miss Universe pageant matters today

Aside from fame and triumph of having the crown on their heads, the Miss Universe pageant, its 69th this year, is very important especially during this pandemic.

Bringing home the crown doesn’t only bring majestic pride but it also gives hope to all the women included in this year’s pageant. All of the 74 women who joined the crowned pageant gave their countries the honor, hope, and pride in times where every nation is struggling and fighting the coronavirus.

I could only imagine what these ladies are thinking when they are walking on stage flaunting their beauties and sharing their country’s national costume with pride amid the rising pandemic.

To say how brave Miss India Adline Castelino and Miss Brazil Julia Gamma is an understatement. They made it to the Top 5 considering their countrymen’s plight. They had given their respective countries hope just by being present in this year’s pageant.

“Their answers (during the final Q&A) were so eloquent. It’s such a difficult position for them and I laud the wonderful girls,” says Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray.

Congratulations to Miss Mexico Andrea Meza, she did a very good performance and her answer during the final Q&A was wonderful. All of the ladies’ answers were smart, actually. I was rooting for either Meza and Miss Peru Janick Maceta for the crown.

“I think it’s a beautiful opportunity to represent the country and lend their platforms to others. I would like to encourage the girls to continue building what they are doing,” Gray added.

And of course, amid what is happening today in the Philippines, Filipinos are still happy and proud that our very own Rabiya Mateo made it to the Top 21. “She made us all proud. I saw all her hard work during the competition,” said Miss Universe Philippines 2013 Ariella Arida.

Rabiya may not have scored the crown but her presence in this pageant is already a big chunk of Pinoy pride.

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