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MILO BEST Center expands sports program via online

THE renowned programs of premiere sports academy BEST Center have found its place in the digital space as they, and leading beverage brand MILO announced three new online sports programsso that aspiring basketball players can still pursue their athletic dreams even while at home.

The BEST Center’s Interactive Basketball ClinicBIDA Best, and Skills Challenge are the latest additions to the MILO Home Court campaign, an online sports program aimed at empowering parents to continue their kids’ champion journeys indoors.

RAVENA: MILO Ambassador

“We have expanded our MILO Home Court program with the BEST Center to help and show kids that their dreams and aspirations can still be pursued,” said Luigi Pumaren, MILO Sports Executive.

“Through these programs, parents can help their children advance their basketball skills through various classes and tournaments that espouse BEST Center’s scientific methods. With this partnership, we are able to continue our commitment of nurturing and inspiring young athletes to become champions of tomorrow.”

The Interactive Basketball Clinic is a modular online class that provides students in-depth instruction and guidance to help them master their techniques at home. First set of classes will start on September 26, wherein children will be taught basic basketball drills such as dribbling, ballhandling, and shooting. The classes offer face-to-face training from coaches, where kids can receive real-time mentoring. Each class will comprise a maximum of eight students led by two coaches to ensure that quality training will be provided for student.

Meanwhile, starting September 19, kids can have the chance to learn from the country’s most recognizable individuals with BIDA Best, an online webcast. Viewers will be able to hear directly from MILO BEST Center’s notable graduates as they will come together in a one-hour interview session to share their athletic and life experiences. Basketball superstars Kiefer and Thirdy Ravena, Shaun and Dave Ildefonso, Andre Caracut, Chris Tiu and Benjie Paras will be some of the guests in the upcoming episodes, which will go live every Saturday evening at 7:30pm. 

In lieu of canceled on-ground tournaments and sporting events, the Skills Challenge will provide children the opportunity to apply the techniques they’ve learned on the court.

The Interactive Basketball Clinic, BIDA Best, and Skills Challenge will be done through Zoom where parents can sign in and enroll their children in advance. 

“We recognize the need to adapt to innovation, and by doing so, we are able to bring our expertise to a wider audience so that more kids will have the opportunity to develop their skillsets with our trusted mentors,” Monica Jorge, Executive Vice President, BEST Center.

“Our programs not only provide the quality training to help develop a child’s skills, but also promote values that will be instrumental for their holistic growth. We invite parents to start their kids’ champion journeys with BEST Center so that they become active and well-rounded individuals.” 

To reserve a slot, interested parents can reach the BEST Center through call (09178013533) or e-mail ([email protected]). The Interactive Basketball Clinic comes with a fee (Php 1,750) that covers eight classes, done twice a week for one hour per session.

To know more about the BEST Center and the MILO Home Court campaign, simply visit the MILO Philippines YouTube channel ( and the MILO Facebook page ( 

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