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Michael V. invites Matteo Guidicelli for a PS5 unboxing

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After receiving a lot of flak, mostly from gamers, Matteo Guidicelli’s PS4 unboxing is now one of the top trending topics among netizens. In fact, his unboxing video on YouTube already gained 1.3 million views, as of this time being.

The uncovential unboxing, some referred to it as ‘unwrapping’, was brought to the attention of actor-comedian Michael ‘Bitoy’ V. who himself is a known toy collector and gaming afficionado.

Earlier this week, a video comparing Matteo and Bitoy’s unboxing circulated online to which many viewers reacted up to the meanest words directed to the former that we’ve could imagined.

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But it seems, all is well for Matteo who generously shared his unboxing video on his instagram account and acknowledging how the video’s become so popular.


Meanwhile, Bitoy posted an edited photo of him and Matteo, inviting the latter to unbox the PS5.

“UH OH! Who’s down for this? Let’s do this @matteog!” he wrote on his social media.

Netizens cheered to this and just like the rest of the million viewers of Matteo’s unboxing, we couldn’t wait for another minute to see this exciting Bitoy-Matteo PS5 unboxing collaboration!

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