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Michael Keaton to return as Batman in “The Flash”

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Talks spread of Michael Keaton reprising his Bruce Wayne/Batman role in the upcoming “The Flash” movie set on production by 2021.

Starring as an older version of Keaton’s last potrtayal of the caped crusader, the Batman in Ezra Miller’s The Flash will be from a separate universe that Barry Allen will discover in the ‘Flashpoint’ themed story.

This will continue the DC multiverse story-line after The Flash (Miller) met CW’s The Flash (Grant Gustin) in the Arrowverse.

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Keaton’s performance as the Batman was received very well specially from the comic book generation of that era, the 90s. Keaton starred on two Batman movies before quitting for the third installment at the helm of movie director Joel Schumacher who replaced Tum Burton’s dark and gothic mood to a lighter and campier Batman universe.

Schumacher died recently from cancer.

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