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Mayor Isko Moreno is suggesting to use at least one toll gate booth as drive-thru vaccine lane to accomodate people who want to avail the booster shots

In the bid to expedite the COVID-19 vaccination and booster shots program of the government, the City of Manila Mayor Isko Moreno is trying to call the attention of tollway plaza managements and suggesting to put up at least one toll gate booth as drive-thru vaccine lane located in the expressways.

Yorme made this suggestion upon seeing the plight of everyone who are willingly piling up in long queues at the Luneta Grandstand just to have their booster shots that the Manila LGU have currently provided. The drive-thru vaccination program in Luneta is open to all motorists and their passengers of four-wheeled vehicle to avail the free and walk-in vaccination drive.

Yorme mentioned that as far as Mariveles, Bataan – a 3 to 4 hours drive from Central Luzon province, and those who are from the remaining part of Northern and Southern Luzon, people are gathering to have theifr booster shots.

This experience brought the idea of having a dedicated booth for vaccine shots in each toll gate exits from North and South tollways. Yorme believes that through this initiative, more people will be able to be innoculated and they do not need to travel as far from the farthest places to the drive-thru vaccination site in Manila.

If this gets the nod of approval, many people will be able to get their vaccine shots. Though the program could spark traffic in different tollway exits in its frist few days, the overall benefit of this idea will be a big help to encourage large number of people to get vaccinated.

“Nakita po natin ang pagdagsa ng mga kababayan nating nais magpabakuna ng booster shot sa ating drive-thru vaccination site sa Luneta.

Kaya po nagmumungkahi ako na baka pwedeng ikonsidera ng mga namamahala sa ating mga expressway kung maaari silang maglaan ng 1 linya sa kanilang mga toll booths para sa drive-thru vaccination.

Hangad natin na maabot ang mas nakakarami para mabigyan sila ng dagdag proteksyon laban sa COVID-19,” said the Mayor.

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