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Water service interruption due to damaged pipe in EDSA, Boni Avenue caused by a third party contractor

Water service interruption and heavy traffic experienced by motorists and thousands of households after Manila Water main pipe was hit by a drill equipment for service improvement along EDSA, Boni Avenue (northbound) in Mandaluyong City, early Monday morning, April 12.

It looked like as if the road turned into a river due to the water overflowing after pipes were damaged by AWIN Technology, a third party contractor doing CCTV installation in the said location.

This is the sixth times the said contractor had damaged Manila Water pipes since last year (4 in 2020 and twice this year).

This inefficiency in the part of the contractor caused a massive effect in the flow of traffic from Ayala in Makati to Pioneer along EDSA and water service interruption in households in barangays in Mandaluyong City affected by the water pipe damages.

The damaged portion of the mainline was replaced by a new pipe which will be connected and sealed into the existing line. The 600-mm mainline was damaged Sunday evening, April 11, by AWIN Technology while installing CCTV network in the area.

Customers in 35 barangays in Mandaluyong, San Juan, Pasig, and Quezon City were affected by this incident. n the meantime, 28 water tankers are currently deployed to augment supply to affected barangays, including hospitals located in these areas.

As of today, repair has been completed and pressure is slowly building up. Full restorations in affected barangays is expected at 6AM.

Clearly, this was the fault of AWIN Technology and if not for their ineffIciency, this could have been avoided and would have not interrupted water services in this part of Metro Manila.

Manila Water is coordinating with the contracting agency for sanctions and indemnities to be charged to their contractor, as well as to work together to avoid these incidents happening again.

“We continue to work towards providing 24/7 water supply to our customers and in these critical times of the pandemic, we cannot afford these incidents that interrupt our service, especially to hospitals. While we apologize for the inconvenience these has caused thousands of our customers, we are working non-stop to restore water service as soon as possible,” said Manila Water Group Head for Corporate Strategic Affairs, Jeric Sevilla.

Updates regarding this incident are available on Manila Water’s social media pages and website.

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