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Making new sports traditions with LG

Making new sports traditions with LG

It is a well-known fact that Filipino families love watching sports. It has actually become a tradition for most – catching live basketball games, trying to get a glimpse or a selfie with your favorite player together with the kids, and eating out at a favorite restaurant after. It is a wholesome ritual that creates unforgettable memories. With the pandemic however, this tradition abruptly came to a halt for most families. Sporting events are slowly starting to resume, but actually watching it live especially with little ones are still out of the picture. This however, doesn’t mean that the bonding time as a family has to go away. LG’s OLED TVs make watching sports and movies at home in the new normal just like the real thing.

LG’s OLED technology lets you watch sports just like you’re at courtside or in the driver’s seat. It gives you a sense of realism like no other. LG OLED TVs show every small movement and facial expression without any color shift, blur, or flicker. You’ll never miss a play as every move stays smooth with the fast response speed. This is made possible by LG’s new self-lit pixel technology, which aside from offering stunning picture quality, also gives an equally great view from wide viewing angles. 

LG OLED screen technology uses self-lit pixels, that works independently to emit their own light. This allows for perfect black levels, outstanding colors, infinite contrast, and the sharpest details which ultimately uncovers all the details in darker scenes. This works especially well for cinema. Every single pixel illuminates one by one, and the richness in color, small details and textures are clear in every scene.

Even for gaming, LG’s OLED TVs bring a whole new depth of experience. With its NVIDIA G-SYNC® compatibility, providing exceptional picture quality of perfect black and intense colors combined with smooth gameplay to take PC gaming to new heights. The perfect black canvas of an LG OLED TV provides an unparalleled experience in gaming on your favorite consoles. Immerse yourself with cinematic virtual 5.1 channel surround sound and enjoy the latest innovations with HDMI that allows for responsive gameplay that gives you the edge. LG’s OLED TVs provide fast response and fluid motion. A 1ms response time and low input lag allow for smoother, real-time action. Its Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) and Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM) supported on the latest HDMI standard, delivers the best graphics with minimal stutter at the fastest speeds for the best gaming experience.

As everyone slowly transitions into the new normal, experiences made with the family are still important even at home. While some outdoor traditions like watching live sports or having a movie night are still not encouraged for safety reasons, viewing the same things at home is a good option to consider. Especially with the clarity and detail present with LG’s OLED TVs, it’s just like you’re right there at the moment. Experience the best that TV has to offer with your family and create a new tradition to cherish for years to come. 

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