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Magno faces Kenyan fighter in Olympic boxing

TOKYO—Irish Magno hopes to continue the Philippine boxing team’s momentum on Sunday when the Filipino flyweight (48 to 51 kilograms) battles Kenya’s Christine Ongare at Kokukigan Stadium here.

Magno will be a slight underdog as she is ranked 25th in the world while Ongare is ranked 17th, but all bets are off as the Filipino tries to follow up on the victory of Nesthy Petecio on Saturday.

The boxing team’s coaching staff took time to scout the Kenyan boxer in an effort to find cracks in her armor.

“We analyzed her opponent last night and the tactic [Irish] needs to use is sort of going in and out of punching range,” said boxing coach Don Abnett.

From what they saw, Magno might just find her way around her foe’s defense.

“The Kenyan girl loves to scrap. [Irish] just has to open the space, let her miss and then counter with what we call bread and butter shots, strikes to the head and body,” Abnett said.

(photo courtesy of Jeaneth Aro FB)

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