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Lenovo EdVision: Preparing students and teachers to excel in the digitized world

Lenovo EdVision: Preparing students and teachers to excel in the digitized world

Together with Microsoft, global technology leader Lenovo launched a far-reaching program designed to prepare students and teachers in the Philippines for the future through accelerated digital transformation.

Lenovo Philippines and Microsoft aim to bridge the gap in making education accessible to as many Filipino students as possible during this difficult time and will help teachers, and their schools, to be provided with free access to online resources that will help them through their education transformation journey, as well as complimentary or subsidized access to the latest solutions in education tech.

Partners in the EdVision program will enjoy an early view into future technologies that can make education more flexible, tailored, and effective. Lenovo and Microsoft offer a complete set of solutions, designed for convenience of use, ease of understanding, flexibility, and collaboration. Specifically, the Lenovo Smart Classroom will comprise a combination of Lenovo devices and hardware and software from industry-leading partners. This provides a high level of customization to best match the needs of individual schools.

Lenovo offers an ecosystem of solutions that can be employed together to offer the most optimal classroom learning and e-learning experience, making the transition between prior ways of learning, and transformative ways of learning the smoothest possible. Read our program brochure to understand how you can benefit from participating in this program.

As a parent to a student who is on board the learning from home program, the Lenovo EdVision program can help lead digital transformation in education with innovative end-to-end solutions for my daughter’s learning.

Information on what to expect and learn are available at where you can also register to the program that offers a complete set of innovative solutions that are tailored to the needs of students.

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    1. Great to hear that! This is an opportunity for both student and teachers to take advantage of this program that will boost their skills and to keep up with the changing environment when it comes to learning. 🙂

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