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Killing of lady driver left kins and cops clueless

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Angela Lucero, the mother of the lady driver who was found dead last Sunday evening is grieving the death of her daughter and couldn’t imagine and accept what had recently transpired.

“Na-imagine mo na nasaksak siya, wala kahit isang sumasaklolo. [Sino] kayang tinawag niya, Panginoon ba o ako ba? Nakaka-miss, nakakaawa. Kung ano isinigaw niya nung nawalan na siya ng hininga,” said the grieving mother.

Robyn Jang, was a lady driver transporting passengers through car rental service to make ends meet since the COVID-19 pandemic. She was found dead inside her vehicle Sunday evening with multiple stab wounds resulting to her death.

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Jang was supposed to be taking three passengers to Metro Manila when the tragic incident occured.

UPDATEPolice eyes four persons of interest in the killing of 34-year old lady driver

According to Meyah Amatorio, the victim’s girlfriend, it was already late when Jang left their house to meet the persons who hired her. She said she was skeptic on who would hire Jang late on a Sunday night.

“Nakita ko yung convo (conversation) nila [sa phone], oo nga, meron ngang pasahero, tatlo. Doon ako nagalit. Sabi ko bakit tatlo tapos ganitong oras,” she said.

She added that Jang left in a hurry after the passengers  threatened to drop her services.

Amatorio also said they learned of Jang’s fate when they called her phone and a policeman answered asking them to go to the police station.

“Wala akong naaalala na may nakaaway siya before o ngayon,” said Amotorio.

Jang’s lifeless body was found inside her car in a dark portion along a bypass road in Brgy. Maunong in Calamba, Laguna.

Police are baffled with the mysterious killing because Jang’s personal belongings are still intact. Even the car of the victim wasn’t taken.

Police investigation is ongoing.

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Here’s the thing. While we were looking for more related news that connecting to the killing of the lady driver, we stumbled upon a Facebook post and an article on another website that reveals intriguing information about the victim.

Both information suspected that there’s a bigger picture that police authorities should look at and dig deeper into.

Here’s the website article and the Facebook post

Let us know what’s your opinion on these revealing information.

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