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How to increase your GScore and GCredit Limit

GCash tips: How to increase your GScore and GCredit Limit

For those who are asking how they can increase their GCredit Limit, the answer is very simple: increase your GSCore.

With the recent GCash update, GCredit is now powered by CIMB Bank Philippines. With this latest development, GCredit customers will have the opportunity to access bigger credit lines through CIMB’s personal loans where they can digitally apply for a loan of up to P1,000,000.

And so, the common question, how to increase the GCredit Limit?

Your credit limit is tied to your GScore. Once you are eligible for a higher credit limit, GCredit will notify you and once you receive the notification you just got to “Manage Credit” in the GCash App to enable the new Credit Limit for you!

Pro-tip to increase your GScore and credit limit:

1. Continuously transact using GCash and GCredit

2. Always pay your GCredit dues on or before your due date

There are also other factors that can be attributed to increasing your GScore such as your GCash Profile.

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