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Highlights of President Duterte’s final SONA

President Rodrigo Duterte delivered State of the Nation (SONA) today, on Monday, July 26, at Batasang Pambansa Complex. It was his 6th and final address, he started his term on June 30, 2016, and it will end next year. 

  • President Duterte said “When I run for the presidency, I just made fundamental processes and strangely, you can’t count them by the fingers of your hand”.
  • President Duterte also mentioned his accomplishments for the past five years suchlike offering free education, universal health care, fighting against illegal drugs, criminality, and corruption, and developing structures — which he has not thought that he could do to his term.
  • President Duterte praised all health workers and front-liners who are suffering in order to save other’s lives.
  • President Duterte expressed his appreciation to all private sectors that helped the country to fight against COVID-19 Pandemic.
  • President Duterte also thanked all International Development Partners who extended their helping hand to the country amidst the global pandemic. He added “I assure you that the Philippines will remain as a responsible member of the international community and we will work with you to achieve our shared objectives”.
  • President Duterte said “I did not succumb to the attacks and neither did I allow criticism — how ever intense — dampen my determination and initiatives because my purpose was pure and unpolluted”.
  • President Duterte said that the Communist Party earns billions and they are pocketing the money for their self-interest.
  • President Duterte shared he found out during his visit in the mountains there were lots of firearms — he saw there, and he thinks that there’s somebody who supplied the arms.
  • President Duterte said “When I first said I would fight drugs in six months, I thought it was like Davao — you can either coerce, intimidate, or bribe them. He also added that he did not know that he is fighting with his own government – regarding the drug war.
  • President Duterte tackled OFW in the middle east, he was saddened for all of them, especially those Filipinas who are experiencing sexual abuse. 
  • President Duterte stated that the MRT-3 is no longer unloads passengers. He said, “We have taken away the misery of public commuting.”
  • President Duterte commended Senator Bong Go for establishing 130 Malasakit centers nationwide.
  • President Duterte discouraged others to run for President due to limited movements. He said that it is hard to be President since his Presidential Security Group (PSG) stopping him to go to other places.
  • President Duterte asked Congress to create a law for disease prevention and control and virology and vaccine institute of the Philippines.
  • President Duterte rest assured that Filipinos will also create vaccines for COVID-19 in the future.

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