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Benefits of HDI Clover Honey for people who have GERD

Benefits of HDI Clover Honey for people who have GERD

From ancient times, honey is attributed to and are the basis for some traditional folk medicine treatments throughout the world today. Russian soldiers during World War I used honey to prevent infections in wounds and to accelerate healing.

Often used as sweetener, honey is a supersaturated sugar solution with fructose as the predominant sugar, followed by glucose. Disaccharides, trisaccharides and oligosaccharides are present in much smaller quantities. Besides carbohydrates, honey contains small amounts of protein, (including enzymes), vitamins and minerals. It is known to be rich in both enzymatic and non-enzymatic antioxidants, including catalase, ascorbic acid, flavonoids and alkaloids. A unique flavonoid, pinocembrin, is present in high quantities in honey.

For people with GERD or gastroesophageal reflux disease, honey can help reduce its effects and tame its symptoms. GERD is a chronic condition that affects the digestive system. While most people experience heartburn or indigestion from time to time, if you feel that burning sensation in your chest more than twice a week, you might have GERD.

Dr. Winston Kilimanjaro, M.D., better known as Dr. Kilimanguru on TikTok, shared his medical knowledge about GERD and how honey can help prevent this disease.

Thanks to the natural anti-bacterial properties and natural acidity of honey, it can inhibit many disease-causing pathogens while enhancing the growth of good bacteria. These good bacteria, such as the bifidobacteria can fight off bad bacteria that causes stomach upsets.

Dr. Kilimanjaro said that regular consumption of recommended amounts of clover honey is effective in maintaining the balance of bifidobacteria in the body.

Aside from gastro-protective properties, which can lower the effects of GERD, clover honey also inhibits the growth of more harmful bacteria like helicobacter pylori, which causes stomach cancer.

Dr. Kilimanjaro recommends one teaspoon of HDI Clover Honey to be added on a one cup of warm water before meal time. HDI Clover Honey can also be uses as sandwich spread or sweeteners to you favorite drinks.

HDI Clover Honey comes from the flowers of the white clover and is regarded by beekeepers worldwide to be the best type of honey. It is a healthy source of nutrition. It is extremely crucial that our body receives nourishment from the food we eat.

Known for its great taste and smooth texture, the enzymes and nutrients found naturally in HDI Clover Honey have been shown to help the body maintain a healthy digestive tract, improving digestion and bowel movement.

8 Benefits of HDI Clover Honey

1. Anti-bacterial o Hydrogen peroxide is the major source of anti-bacterial activity in honey.  Another study reported that apart from the hydrogen peroxide content, its high osmolality and acidity conferred honey with antibacterial properties.

Did you know? Honey is naturally anti-microbial because:

1) The natural acidity of honey will inhibit many pathogens.

2) Honey is a supersaturated sugar solution (and therefore has high osmolality) which means that there is little water available to support the growth of bacteria and yeast.

3) The presence of glucose oxidase inhibits growth of microbes. Glucose oxidase is an enzyme secreted by the bees to form honey from nectar. It converts glucose in the presence of water and oxygen to gluconic acid and hydrogen peroxide. The resulting acidity and hydrogen peroxide preserve and sterilize the honey during the ripening process.

2. Promotes good bacteria o Enhances the growth of good bacteria in the stomach such as bifidobacteria, to fight off bad bacteria that causes stomach upsets. It was also effective in maintaining the balance of bifidobacteria.

3. Beneficial for the digestive system

  • Inhibits harmful bacteria like Helicobacter Pylori which causes stomach cancer. o Effective in treating diarrhea. Honey helped to shorten duration of diarrhea in patients as it helps in the absorption of electrolytes and uptake of water.
  • Promotes bowel movement, relieves constipation.
  • Gastro-protective properties.

4. Increases nutrient content in body o Enhances absorption of nutrients like calcium.

5. Antioxidant

  • The antioxidants present in honey come from a variety of sources such as vitamin C, organic acids, enzymes, phenols and flavonoids. o Substituting honey in some foods for traditional sweeteners could result in an enhanced antioxidant defense system in healthy adults.
  • As a natural source of antioxidants, honey can help reduce effects of enzymatic browning in fruit and vegetable processing.

6. Great source of energy

  • Consists of about 38% fructose and 31% glucose that are easily converted into energy by the body. o Honey is a natural fructose-glucose carbohydrate mixture with some oligosaccharides, protein, vitamins and minerals. As such, it potentially offers many of the performance advantages of the beverages and gels that are commonly used by athletes.

7. Diabetes-friendly

  • Sugar substitute, safe for diabetics. Compared to table sugar (sucrose), honey has been found to give lower blood sugar readings, which causes lesser glucose intolerance. Honey has a gentler effect on blood sugar levels and tastes sweeter than sucrose so you don’t need to consume so much of it.
  • A low dose of pure natural honey can be taken as a source of carbohydrates, or even as a sweetener in place of sugar.

8. Promotes wound healing

  • Honey is highly hygroscopic (readily absorbs moisture from atmosphere). When applied to wounds, honey draws water from the wound thus helping to dry the infected tissue and reduce bacterial growth.
  • It also accelerates healing because it reduces swelling, has anti-bacterial properties and protectively covers the wound. In addition, dressings with honey can be changed relatively infrequently.

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