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Presidential Spox Roque feeling victorious for beating UP prediction

To summarize today’s Malacañang press briefing (and the only highlight that many people will remember for the rest of their lives), a prelude to tonight’s announcement of the latest quarantine state of the country, Presidential spokesperson Harry Roque threw a fist-bump into the air as a sign of victory for beating UP prediction that made a forecast that COVID-19 cases will rise at 40,000 by the end of June.

“Panalo na tayo. We beat the UP prediction po. We beat it, so congratulations Philippines. Let’s do it again in July. We are winning,” presidential spokesperson Harry Roque said in a televised briefing, citing the declining mortality, case doubling, and positivity rates.l,” said a victorious Roque in front of national television.

Three weeks ago, the University of the Philippines’ research team of scientists on COVID-19 led by Professor Guido David of the University of the Philippines Institute of Mathematics made a bold prediction that says the number of coronavirus cases in the Philippines could reach 40,000 by June 30,

The projection is based on current trends on the COVID-19 data, Professor David said during a press briefing hosted by the Department of Health.

“Right now, ‘yung projection namin, ginamit lang namin ‘yung R0 (pronounced R-naught) na 1.2 sa Philippines. So ‘yung projection actually is nasa 40,000 cases by June 30,” said David, who is part of the UP OCTA Research, which issues forecast report on COVID-19.

As of Monday June 29, the Philippines had 36,438 COVID-19 cases, with 1,255 deaths and 9,956 recoveries.

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