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Get all your essentials delivered, safe and secure, via GrabMart and SM Markets with just a few taps

Get all your essentials delivered, safe and secure, via GrabMart and SM Markets with just a few taps

Living through the pandemic has taught us to be patient and resilient. There are many things that we were used to be doing by ourselves and with more physical movements but the current health risk situation has confined us mostly in the comfort of our home. Not complaining at all because this set-up also brought convenience for many people. And it has also accelerated and push industries to embrace innovation brought by technology. One of which is the routine of shopping.

Before the pandemic, we have to cram to malls and supermarkets just to buy our essential needs. We have to circle the whole department store or grocery alleys and racks to pick for our items. Then we have to fall in line to the cashier to pay for our purchases. And we’re not forgetting how we need to travel, either by foot or commute, to get to our destination.

These days, having convenience and reliability in the things we do is more important than ever, and this includes safely getting our everyday groceries and other essentials.

But not anymore. Today, we can choose to be safe and secure by using mobile apps that will make our lives easier.

Fortunately, GrabMart, via the Grab mobile app, continues to provide ways to promise a seamless and easy grocery shopping experience with SM Markets to bring a convenient solution for everybody.

There’s no need to step out of the house to do grocery runs because we can now order our favorites from the SM Markets by using the Grab app. GrabMart is widening their reach through SM Markets to safely bring our grocery essentials even closer in this new normal!

Download Grab app now on Android and iOS on your mobile and enjoy the perks and benefits of online deliveries with a touch of the button.

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